Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Architect, of Dublin. John C. Campbell, a pupil of JOHN SKIPTON MULVANY JOHN SKIPTON MULVANY ,(1) joined the staff of the Board of Works as a drawing clerk in 1853.(2) By 1874 he had risen to the position of draughtsman, which he later shared with CHARLES LANAUZE. I CHARLES LANAUZE. I n 1881 both men were replaced in the post by EDWARD KAVANAGH. EDWARD KAVANAGH. (3)

A notice of Campbell's daughter's marriage at St Joseph's, Berkeley Road, Dublin, on 1 August 1878, appeared in the Irish Times the following day.

RIAI: ordered to be balloted for as student at RIAI council meeting, 8 May 1863 (but name withdrawn?).(3)

Addresses:(4) Raheny, 1863; Hollybrook Park, Raheny, 1865-1873; 2 Cowley Place, 1875-81; 2 St Mary' Villas, Fairview, 1882.(3)


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