Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Carpenter, builder and architect, of Dublin, active from the 1830s until the 1850s. John F. Byrne was a son of PATRICK BYRNE PATRICK BYRNE , whose address he shared for most of his career. The directories give the impression that he started his career as a carpenter and builder, with his own timber yard in Lombard Street during the 1840s. By the 1850s however he appears to have been working purely as an architect, first from his own address in Mabbot Street, and then from Patrick and HUGH BYRNE' HUGH BYRNE' s premises at 27 Talbot Street. The latter arrangement seems to have come to an end in 1860. He died three years later in tragic circumstances(1) and was buried in Glasnevin cemetery on 16 April 1863 from an address in Bath Avenue, Irishtown; the Frances Byrne, aged fifty, of 4 Bath Avenue who was buried in the family plot on 27 May 1865 may have been his sister, or possibly his widow.(2)

Addresses: 29 Talbot Street, 1833-1834; 6 Lombard Street and 10 Mabbot Street, 1841; 7 Lombard Street and 10 Mabbot Street, 1844; 10 Mabbot Street 1847; 7 Mabbot Street, 1852; 27 Talbot Street, 1856-1860; Bath Avenue, Irishtown, at time of death.


All information in this entry not otherwise attributed is from Wilson's, Pettigrew & Oulton's, Post Office and Thom's directories.

)Obituary of Patrick Byrne in DB 6, 20 Jan 1864, 9.
Glasnevin Cemetery records, Plot No. XA 34 Garden;  at a general meeting of the RIAI held on 24 January 1864 a letter was read from a committee of builders and others requesting aid from members of the institute to provide for Patrick Byrne's daughter (information from Brendan Grimes).