Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Architectural sculptor, of Dublin, active in the 1870s.  In an advertisement in the Irish Ecclesiastical Gazette, for 23 July 1875 (1) he describes himself as 'Late principal of the firm of Good and Sharpe of 17 Great Brunswick Street', now working from 52 Denzille Street.  The partnership in question, which is listed in the directories as 'Sharp and Good', was formed with ALFRED PETER SHARP  ALFRED PETER SHARP circa 1870. Later Good appears to have moved to Glasgow, where an architectural sculptor of the same name was active from 1888 or earlier until 1896 or later.(2)

Edward Good was married to Harriet Ridgeway.(3)  Their son, George Edward Good, was born on 17 November 1872 and christened in St Mark's Church of Ireland church, Dublin, on 29 December.(4)  According to a note by his grandson,(5) Good had eight more children, born in Ireland, England and Scotland, and died in the Barnhill Poorhouse, Glasgow, in 1907.

Addresses: Work:  17 Great Brunswick Street, Dublin;  52 Denzille Street, 1875-
Home: 8 Upper Erne Street, 1872.


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