Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Carpenter, of Tralee, Co. Kerry, who in the 1780s designed and built Tralee old gaol, described by the Rev. Daniel Beaufort in 1788 as 'very ill-contrived'.(1)  The Looby family of Tralee, may have been connected with THOMAS LOOBY  THOMAS LOOBY of Co. Tipperary.(2)



(1) Journal of the Rev. D.A. Beaufort, August 1788.
(2) It has been suggested by Helen Barton, of Melbourne, Australia, a descendant of Thomas Looby, (Nov 2014) that the carpenter in question may have been John Looby, who was possibly the father of Thomas Looby.

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Date: 1788
Nature: .'The new Jail now building seems very ill-contrived. The staircases of Timber - the lower rooms dungons with little light or air too large for one too small for many - no communication between the Jailer house and the Jail. The windows of the cells open to the street. Yet Mr J[?} has approved this plan of Mr Looby a Carpenter who built it by contract.'
Refs: Journal of the Rev. D.A. Beaufort, August 1788