Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Architect, of Dublin. Thomas Brown may have been a son of THOMAS BROWN [2] THOMAS BROWN [2] , builder, of Dublin. He was admitted to the Dublin Society's School of Drawing in Architecture in November 1774(1) and was a prizewinner in 1775.(2)   He may be the Thomas Brown who was admitted a freeman of the City of Dublin at Christmas 1783 as a member of the Carpenters' Guild and as the eldest surviving son of a freeman.(3) He is listed in Wilson's Dublin Directory as 'Thomas Brown, junior' in 1794-1803, and as 'Thomas Brown' in 1804-6.  In 1787 he reported on the state of James Smith's cotton works at Balbriggan, Co. Dublin, to the Commissioners of Imprest,(3), and on 30 August 1791 he was appointed architect to the Bank of Ireland.(4) The Bank's minutes for 18 January 1803 record a payment to him for sundry work and for preparing survey drawings of the Parliament House for entrants in the Bank of Ireland competition of 1802-3.(5) Brown himself entered the competition, signing his drawings 'Thomas Brown, Junr'.(6) His design was unpremiated, but, along with six other unpremiated entries, was awarded a fifty guinea award of merit.(7) Although no works have been recorded apart from these designs, Brown is described in a Board of Works minute book of 1802 as being among the 'most eminent Architects in this Kingdom'.(8) 

Thomas Brown would appear to be associated with the 'Messrs. Brown' of Baggot Street, who, according to the recollections of their fellow tradesmen in 1834, made a vast property in the building trade, employing twenty men, then retired from building to become merchants and were still 'alive and wealthy'.(9)

Addresses:(10) Baggot Street, 1794-1800; 42 Baggot Street, 1801-6.



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Date: 1803
Nature: Competition entrant. (Competition announced, Aug 1802.)
Refs: Drawing(s) in IAA, Bank of Ireland drawings collection (Acc. 2006/65); competitors' engraved elevation with additions in pencil by Brown showing proposed in IAA, Maurice Craig collection, Acc. 2000/92