Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

William Collingridge Barnett, who was born in York in 1845 or 1846, was the second son of Francis Barnett, glass-stainer of York, who subsequently moved to Leith, Scotland, where he established a stained-glass factory.   According to the records of Ampleforth College, which he attended, William Collingridge Barnett also became a stained-glass manufacturerer.. He represented EDWARD WELBY PUGIN  EDWARD WELBY PUGIN in Ireland after the dissolution of Pugin's partnership with GEORGE COPPINGER ASHLIN  GEORGE COPPINGER ASHLIN towards the end of 1868.(1)  His son, Edmond, was born in Cork in 1874.

Barnett & Son of the Edinburgh & Leith Stained Glass Works at 101 Constitution Street, Leith, made a number of windows for Catholic churches in Ireland, including stained glass windows for the church of SS. Peter & Paul, Cork, which were exhibited at the works in 1870.

Address:  42 South Mall, Cork, 1871(2); 2 Minnow Brook Terrace, Terenure, Dublin, 1877-1878(3).


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