Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Bricklayer, of Ballsbridge, Dublin, active in the first and second quarters of the nineteenth century. Owen Bolger was employed by Trinity College, Dublin, on various work at the botanic garden between 1806 and 1813.(1)   According to a report on the brick- and stone-layers of Dublin who had been active in 1800, compiled by their fellow tradesmen in March 1834,(2) Owen Bolger's business had been 'very extensive' ;  he had built several houses in Ballbridge and was still living, but had 'lost almost all his property from decline of Trade'.


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(2) Royal Irish Academy, Haliday MS 4B 31; this manuscript is a copy of a report presented to Daniel O'Connell in 1834 to support the argument for repealing the Act of Union by describing the catastrophic impact the Act had had on the tradesmen of Dublin.