Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Civil engineer, of Waterford, active between 1849 and 1860.(1) Arthur Ussher Roberts may have been a son of Edward Roberts, JP, of Weston, Co. Waterford, by his wife Martha, née Ussher, and a brother of SAMUEL USSHER ROBERTS SAMUEL USSHER ROBERTS . He was one of the draughtsmen who drew views of properties which were to be sold under the provisions of the Incumbered Estates Act of 1849. His view to illustrate the rental of New Park House, Co. Waterford, prepared before the sale of the house on 20 June 1856, is reproduced in Mary Cecilia Lyons, Illustrated Incumbered Estates Ireland, 1850-1905 (1993), 177.


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