Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Builder, and timber merchant, of Dublin. Joseph Gill, son of William and Margaret Gill, of How, Castle Sourby, Cumberland, was born in 1674. By the 1690s he was working for BENJAMIN CRAWLEY  BENJAMIN CRAWLEY at Burton Hall, Co. Carlow, first as a mason, then as clerk of works and finally as overseer. Other commissions in Carlow followed. He settled in Dublin in 1702, following his marriage to Isobel Clarke (d. 1713). After acting as clerk in Crawley's timber yard, he eventually set up his own timber business.

Gill was an active Quaker, travelling widely in the ministry and even visiting America. He died on 28 January 1742,(1) bequeathing property in Cole Alley to his second wife, Elizabeth Butler, whom he had married in 1739,(2) and two unmarried daughters Hannah and Mabel, with reversion to his son William and two married daughters Mary Sandwith and Isabella Middleton.(3) His son, Joseph, jr, appears to have predeceased him. His diary written between 1697 to 1724 was published posthumously.

Addresses:(4) Earl Street, <=1711->=1725.


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