Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Architectural sculptor. Charles William Purdy's origins are not known.(1) With JOHN HENRY OUTHWAITE  JOHN HENRY OUTHWAITE he set up in business as PURDY & PURDY & amp; OUTHWAITE  OUTHWAITE at 206 Great Brunswick Street, Dublin, in 1859 or early 1860. The firm moved to Westland Row later in 1860 but, despite its apparent success in attracting business, went bankrupt in June 1861. Might Purdy have then gone to Belfast? A 'Mr Purdy, jr' was active in the mid-1870s in Belfast, where a firm of architectural sculptors named PURDY & PURDY & amp; MILLARD  MILLARD was in business from the turn of the century until at least the 1920s.


(1) A Charles William Purdy, who had been born circa 1820, died in Lisburn, Co. Antrim, in 1886, while  a Mr  'Purday' carved the sedilia in the church of St Mary Magdalen, Munster Sq, London, designed by Richard Carpenter, which was illustrated in B 8, 11 Aug 1855, 375.