Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Architect, of Dublin. According to the 1911 census, Richard Llewellyn Burgess was born in Co. Dublin in 1898 or 1899.   By the time the census was taken his father was dead and he was living with his mother and sister in the house of his bachelor uncle, Edward Patrick McFarland. He received the  BA degree from Trinity College, Dublin,(1) and was working in the office of WILLIAM ALBERT DIXON  WILLIAM ALBERT DIXON when he won the Institute Prize of the AAI for the session 1923-24 with his design for a commercial development 'on an important Dublin thoroughfare'.(2) According to the membership lists of the AAI, he remained in Dixon's office until 1930, when he joined the staff of Guinness's Brewery.

AAI: elected member, 1921; winner of Institute Prize for session 1924-25; hon. secretary, 1925-1927; ceased membership, 1933.
RIAI: student, 1924; elected member, 1927; ceased membership 1968.

Addresses: Work: 20 Ely Place, 1922-1930; Guinness's Brewery, 1931-<=1932.
Home: 4 Annesley Park, Rathmines, 1924-1932; Park Lodge, Cambridge Road, Rathmines, 1934-1967.


All information in this etnry not otherwise accounted for is from the memberships lists of the RIAI and lists of officers and members in AAI Green Books.

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