Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Architect, of Dublin and Nairobi. Douglas Boucher, a nephew of GEORGE MARSHALL HARRISS GEORGE MARSHALL HARRISS , was a pupil in the office of RUDOLF MAXIMILIAN BUTLER  RUDOLF MAXIMILIAN BUTLER circa 1903.(1) In 1905 he won a special prize in the AAI's travelling studentship competition for his measured drawings of Christ Church Cathedral.(2) He went to work in London and later in Africa, where he became government architect in Nairobi. He returned to Dublin from Nairobi on six-month leave in 1929, when he was elected a member of the RIAI.

AAI:(3) elected member, 1896; membership lapsed, 1903 or 1904; re-elected, 1904; hon. auditor, 1905; no longer member in 1907. RIAI: elected member, 1929;(4) no longer listed as member in 1938.
RIBA: licentiate by 1933.(5)

Addresses:(6) 12 Dawson Street, 1903; 7 Frankford Place, Rathmines, 1905; Gough's Hotel, Dublin, 1906; Post Office, Box 1175, Nairobi, Kenya Colony, <=1932->=1937.


All information in this entry not otherwise accounted for is from the brief biography of Boucher in IB 71, 22 Jun 1929, 553.

(1) Boucher gives Butler's office address, 12 Dawson Street, as his address in the AAI's list of members for 1903.
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(3) Information from lists of officers and members in AAI Green Books.
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(5) He is designatd LRIBA in the RIAI list of members for 1933 but not in that for 1932.
(6) From AAI and RIAI lists of members.