Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Engineer, of Cork. Robert Walker is said to have worked for Cork Corporation for forty years.(1) He held the post of 'General Superintendent' from 1863 or earlier until 1873 when he was appointed city surveyor in the place of Sir JOHN BENSON JOHN BENSON , having already been acting in that capacity for some time. The Irish Builder gave its support to Walker's appointment: 'Mr Walker is an old citizen universally respected for his obliging habits and courteous manner; and being a thoroughly practical man, and enjoying a lengthened experience in the duties of the office he will now be called on to fill, his confirmation in the situation of city surveyor will give complete general satisfaction.'(2) Walker retired on a pension in 1879;(3) in 1881 his post was held by MATHIAS THOMAS O'KEEFFE. MATHIAS THOMAS O'KEEFFE. (4) He was the father of ROBERT WALKER [4]. ROBERT WALKER [4].

Address: 23 Pope's Quay, Cork (as 'inspector to Corporation'), 1867.(5)


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