Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Architect, of Limerick and Toronto, Canada. Kivas Tully, whose father John P. Tully was a lieutenant in the Royal Navy, was born in Garryvacum, Co. Laois, in 1820. After attending the Royal Naval School in Camberwell, London, he served a four-year pupilage with WILLIAM HENSHAW OWEN  WILLIAM HENSHAW OWEN in Limerick and then worked for the Poor Law Commissioners as a superintendent and inspector under GEORGE WILKINSON GEORGE WILKINSON . In 1842 and 1843 while he was serving in this capacity, he made drawings of early architectural features at Killaloe cathedral and Kilmallock, Co. Limerick, for Wilkinson, who was collecting drawings of Irish antiquities in preparation for his book, Practical Geology, and Ancient Architecture of Ireland (1845).(1)

In 1844 Tully emigrated to Toronto. After twenty-four years in private practice as an architect and engineer,(2) he joined the new Ontario Department of Public Works in 1868 and was appointed its architect, engineer and chief officer a year later. He retired in 1901 and died in Toronto on 24 April 1905. He was married twice: first, in 1844, to Elizabeth Drew, youngest daughter of Ringrose Drew of Drewsboro, Co. Clare,(3) and second to Maria Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel Strickland,(4) and widow of Benjamin Beresford. One of his six daughters, Sydney Strickland Tully (1860-1911), was a well-known painter. Kivas Keedler Tully (d. 1915), a Canadian-born architect who practised in St Louis, Missouri, was the son of Kivas Tully's brother John Aspinwall Tully.


All information in this entry is from Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online (www.biographi.can), which see for further details of Kivas's works in Canada. Another biography of Tully by Frank Meehan in Laois Yearbook (1989) is available on the internet (www.irishmidlandsancestry.com).

(1) These drawings are now in the National Library of Ireland (AD 3588) and Crawford Gallery, Cork.
(2) His design for Trinity College, Toronto, is noted in B 9, 21 Jun 1851, 393.
(3) Clare Journal, 4 Jan 1844.
(4) For Strickland, a farmer and pioneer, and author of Twenty-seven years in Canada West (1853) see Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online.