Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Scottish-born civil engineer and architect, for whom see Howard Colvin, A Biographical dictionary of British architects 1600-1840 (3rd edn., 1995), 969-971. Acccording to Joyce,(1) Telford made improvements to the Howth Road in connection with Rennie's new harbour at Howth in 1809 as part of his overall plans for improved communications between London and Dublin.  Some ten years later he wrote a report on Waterford Harbour.(2)  He was the original designer of the Ulster Canal, the works for which were  subsequently entrusted to his pupil THOMAS CASEBOURNE. THOMAS CASEBOURNE. (3)

Plans for Belfast Harbour by an engineer named Telford are in the the PRO (Kew); however these are dated 1838, four years after Thomas Telford's death.(4)

It was on Telford's recommendation that his assistant ALEXANDER EASTON  ALEXANDER EASTON was appointed Inspector of Works for Maryborough (Portlaoise) prison circa 1824.(5)


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