Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Plasterer, of Dublin. Gregory Sproule was admitted a freeman of the city of Dublin by virtue of service in 1750.(1) According to O'Dwyer,(2) he was the father of SAMUEL SPROULE [2]. SAMUEL SPROULE [2]. (3) He represented the Bricklayers' and Plasterers' Guild on the Common Council of Dublin for the years 1763, 1764 and 1765.(4) He disappears from Wilson's Directory between 1779 and 1782.

Faulkner's Dublin Journal records the marriage of 'Mr Gabriel Sproule, an eminent Stuckoe maker…to Miss Elizabeth Wall, Daughter of Mr Wall, an eminent Painter, a very agreeable young lady' in January 1752.(5) According to O'Dwyer, the bridegroom was Gregory - not Gabriel - Sproule.(6)

Address: 22 Arran Quay, <=1778->=1779.


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