Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Timber merchant and builder, of Dublin. Thomas Smithson was probably a son of JOHN SMITHSON  JOHN SMITHSON (q.v.) with whom he was in partnership from 1800 until 1805. From 1806 until 1817 Wilson's Dublin Directory lists him as a timber merchant and builder at 59 North King Street (1806-16) and at 60 North King Street (1817). He was admitted a freeman of Dublin by Grace Especial at Michaelmas 1805 as a member of the Carpenters' Guild.(1)

Thomas Pleasants (1729-1818) was a patron of Smithson's. In 1815 when he announced his intention of presenting the Dublin Society with a gateway and lodges for the Botanic Gardens, he asked Smithson to prepare the plans and execute them. The work was badly carried out, however, and needed immediate repairs. As a result Pleasants removed the instruction in his will that Smithson should design and execute a monument to his father-in-law Sergeant George Daunt, for which he had provided £300, and instructed that another architect should be appointed.(2)


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(2) Beatrice Bayley Butler, 'Thomas Pleasants 1729-1818', Dublin Historical Record41, No. 4 (Sep 1988), 178; as Smithson was Pleasants' chosen architect, it is possible that he also designed and/or built the Stove Tenter House, Cork St, for Pleasants in 1814.