Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Painter and glazier, of Dublin. Luke Sibthorpe was admitted a Freeman of the City of Dublin by virtue of Birth as a member of the Smith's Guild at Michaelmas 1786;(1) it seems possible that the Henry Sibthorpe who was admitted to the franchise at the same time was his brother (see HENRY SIBTHORPE & HENRY SIBTHORPE & amp; SON). He was subsequently in business as a glazier at 1 Palace St. He is recorded as carrying out some work for the Corporation and represented his guild on the Common Council of Dublin between 1808 and 1819.(2) He died on 14 March 1827. He was married twice, secondly to EmilyHis youngest son, Luke Homan Sibthorpe, emigrated to New South Wales. Luke Sibthorpe was a subscriber to Humphrey's Irish Builder's Guide (1813) and to William Stitt's The Practical Architect's Ready Assistant; or Builder's Complete Companion (Dublin, 1819).


All information in this entry not otherwise attributed was supplied by Dr Nessa Roche, by Luke Sibthorpe's great-great-great-grandson, Graham Sibthorpe, Newcastle, New South Wales, Jul 2010 and Jul 2011, and by Meg Young, née Homan, Dundas, Ontario, Canada, Apr 2019. .

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