Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

English bridge builder, for whom see A.W. Skempton et al., A Biographical Dictionary of Civil Engineers in Great Britain and Ireland I (2002), 217-8. William Etheridge, who worked on Westminster Bridge and designed the wooden bridge across the Thames at Walton which was painted by Canaletto, was one of the experts whom GEORGE SEMPLE  GEORGE SEMPLE consulted in 1752 when he was planning the reconstruction of Essex Bridge in Dublin. According to Semple, Etheridge had 'been not long before sent over to project a bridge for Coleraine' and had also given advice to Dublin corporation on the rebuilding of Essex Bridge.(1) 

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(1) George Semple, A Treatise on Building in Water (1776), 27-8,153.

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Date: 1750ca
Nature: New timber bridge on masonry piers over River Bann, replacing one damaged in 1732.
Refs: George Semple, A Treatise on Building in Water (1776), 27-8,153;  Frederick O'Dwyer, 'In search of Christopher Myers' in Michael McCarthy & Karina O'Neill, eds., Studies in the Gothic Revival (Dublin, 2008), 75.