Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Stonecutter, of Dublin. Henry Roche took over the building of the Rialto bridge on the Grand Canal, Dublin, after the dismissal of ROBERT MACK  ROBERT MACK in 1768 or 1769.(1) At about the same time, 'for the greater convenience of carrying on the stone-cutting business, after the extensive manner of the London Warfs', he established a new stoneyard on the site of the glass bottle factory 'at the first house on the North Wall'.(2) An advertisement in Faulkner's Dublin Journal for 8-10 May 1770 announces the delivery from Bristol of 'some very fine urns, vases, globular balls, eagles, sundial pedestals, &c. …[which] will be sold as cheap as at Bath, paying for freight, etc.' Roche opened a new shop on the corner of Great Britain Street and Ryder's Lane in 1774, selling 'elegant marble chimney pieces and several kind of Bath ornaments'.(3) In December 1781 he married a Miss Walsh from Kilkenny.(4) He is still listed in Wilson's Dublin Directory for 1786.

'Mr. Henry Roche' was a subscriber to the First Volume of the Instructions given in the Drawing School established by the Dublin-Society (Dublin, 1769).

Addresses:(5) Abbey Street, <=1768-1770; North Wall, 1768->=1776; 70 Marlborough Street, <=1780->=1786; also shop in Great Britain Street, 1774.


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