Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

County surveyor for the northern division of Co. Mayo, 1887-1910. William Patterson Orchard was born on 29 January 1850 in Islington, London, into a family with Irish connections.(1) He studied engineering at Queen's College, Belfast, from 1866-1869, obtaining the BE degree. After graduating he was a pupil of CHARLES NIXON  CHARLES NIXON in Westminster until the spring of 1873. He then became an assistant to Charles W. Whitaker, County Surveyor for West Sussex. In December 1886.   After successfully sitting the civil service competitive examination, he was appointed county surveyor for the northern division of Co. Mayo in succession to RICHARD HENRY DORMAN. I RICHARD HENRY DORMAN. I n his application for re-admission to the Institution of Civil Engineers in 1895 he stated that he had been responsible since his appointment for 'the design and erection of two important bridges - one 115 feet span, and a town bridge 28 feet wide, of 3 spans, 37 feet each'.(2) He remained in the Co. Mayo surveyorship, based in Ballina, until March 1911, when he resigned at the instigation of the County Council because of his poor health.(3) He was succeeded by JOHN JOSEPH NOONAN. JOHN JOSEPH NOONAN. (4) He died on 19 October 1920 and was buried in Deansgrange cemetery, Dublin.(5)  At the time of the 1911 census, he had been married for thirty-two years to his wife, Mary Thirza, a Londoner like himself, and had one surviving child.

Inst.CE: elected associate, 1873; associate member, 1876; removed from list of members because he was three years in arrears of subscription, May 1880; re-elected associate member, 3 March 1896.(5)
Incorporated Association of Municipal and County Engineers: elected member, 1 August 1891.(6)

Address: Home:  7 Francis Street, Ballina, 1911.


Information in this entry not otherwise attributed is from Patterson's candidate's circular for re-admission to Institution of Civil Engineers, 1895, from membership lists in Proceedings of the Association of Municipal & County Engineers and from the 1911 census of Ireland, http://www.census.nationalarchives.ie/ (last visited Nov 2009). 

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