Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Architect and surveyor with the Royal Engineers, active from the 1880s until 1910 or later. John Todd Rea served a four-year pupillage with YOUNG & YOUNG & amp; MACKENZIE  MACKENZIE in Belfast, followed by a further year in the office as an assistant. He then spent a year as a draughtsman in the Royal Engineer Office in Belfast,  After passing the qualifying examination in 1891, he joined the permanent staff of the Royal Engineer Department as a surveyor.   During the 1890s he spent some time in the West Indies  as evidenced by his publications Building in St Lucia. (Inverness: Association of Surveyors, 1898) and Glimpses of the West Indies (Dublin, 1901).(1)  By the autumn of 1899 he had been appointed assistant surveyor of the Curragh District(2) where he remained until the end of 1903, when he was promoted to a post in Singapore.(3)

In addition to the two books mentioned above, several items by Rae appeared in the Irish Builder. In 1888, when he was living in Holywood, Co. Down, he published drawings of the ruined church at Holywood and the Priory of St Columba, Newtownards, and while he was employed at the Curragh, he contributed several articles to the journal.(4)  It is not clear whether he had returned to Ireland when his final contribution to the Irish Builder, 'Memoranda for road construction', appeared in 1910.(5)

RIAI: elected member, 16 December 1899, having been proposed by GEORGE PATRICK SHERIDAN GEORGE PATRICK SHERIDAN , seconded by RUDOLF MAXIMILIAN BUTLER RUDOLF MAXIMILIAN BUTLER ;(6) no longer a member after 1904.

Surveyors' Institution: fellow by 1901.

Addresses: Glenside, Holywood, Co. Down, 1888;(7) Curragh Camp, 1899; Gordon House, Newbridge, Co. Kildare, 1901-3; Royal Engineer Office, Singapore, 1904.



All information in this entry not otherwise attributed is from IAA, RIAI office archives (Acc. 93/136), membership forms 1878-1909 (extremely fragile) and RIAI lists of members.

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