Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

English mason and architect, of Portland, Dorset, for whom see Howard Colvin, A Biographical dictionary of British architects 1600-1840 (3rd edn., 1995), 409. He may be the person of the same name who had associations with Ireland in the late 1730s. The name has been added to two designs for chimneypieces, which probably date from the late 1730s, in the Dromoland album of architectural drawings by JOHN AHERON  JOHN AHERON and others.(1) A Thomas Gilbert was associated as a stonecutter with the building of the Parliament House in Dublin (1729-1739),(2) and a 'Mr Gilbert' supplied stone for the Printing House at Trinity College, Dublin (1734).(3) 'Thomas Gilbert, architect' was one of the subscribers to The Natural History of North Carolina, published in Dublin by John Brickell in 1737.  'T. Gilbert', stonecutter, of Dublin, leased property to GEORGE STEWART  GEORGE STEWART on 25 August 1738.(4)


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