Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Architect, of Dublin, active from the 1750s until the 1770s. In 1756 Henry Pentland was one of ten architects or builders who submitted proposals for the rebuilding of St Werburgh's church, Dublin, after it had been gutted by fire in 1754.(1) 'Mr Henry Pentland, Carpenter' was a subscriber to John Aheron's General Treatise on Architecture (1754) and 'Henry Pentland, architect' to John Rutty's Essay towards a natural history of…Dublin (1772). He was still living in 1773 when he was described in the Public Monitor as 'a man who copies after Castells, in everything', which suggests that he may have been in RICHARD CASTLE' RICHARD CASTLE' s office as a pupil or assistant.

Henry Pentland appears to have been the person of the same name, who married Elizabeth Dunbar at St John's Church, Dublin, on 8 May 1754, and was the father of John Pentland (b. 1756), Catherine Pentland (b. 1857) and Henry Pentland (b. 1759).(2)  The likelihood is reinforced by the statement in the Public Monitor that Henry Pentland was the father of the architect JOHN PENTLAND JOHN PENTLAND .



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Date: 1759-1761
Nature: Perhaps by HP? (Attributed by M. Craig to John Pentland, but too early for him.  Possibly John Pentland was the architect who restored the building after damage in the 1798 rebellion.)
Refs: M. Craig, The Personality of Leinster (1961), 52;  M. Craig, The Architecture of Ireland from the earliest times to 1880 (London & Dublin, 1982), 191 (see also Christine Casey & Alistair Rowan, The Buildings of Ireland: North Leinster (1993), 533; E. McParland, Public Architecture in Ireland: 1680-1760 (2001), 172.

Date: 1760ca
Nature: Knight of Glin suggests authorship of HP. For Sabatier family.
Refs: Knight of Glin uncompleted thesis on Irish Palladianism, MS in IAA