Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Architect. Henry Patterson, a brother of BENJAMIN THOMAS PATTERSON BENJAMIN THOMAS PATTERSON , is listed in Thom's Directory for 1863 at Benjamin Thomas Patterson's business address, 206 Great Brunswick Street. He appears to have assisted in his brother's office(1) and to have executed perspective drawings for his brother's clients.(2) By the beginning of May 1863 he seems to have left for England,(3) where he worked in the office of EDWARD WELBY PUGIN  EDWARD WELBY PUGIN at Ramsgate.(4) He apparently returned to Ireland in the autumn of 1863.(5) He remains listed in Thom's Directory for the years 1864 to 1866, although at the the end of September 1865 his brother reported that he had taken up an appointment in Sheffield.(6) He reappears in Thoms' Directory for 1868 and 1869, still at his brother's office address.

Addresses: 206 Great Brunswick Street, 1863; 205 Great Brunswick Street, 1864-1866, 1868-1869.


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