Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

'CE & architect, valuator & surveyor of estates, buildings and public works', of Dame Street, Dublin, active from the 1850s until the 1870s. Although he describes himself in this manner in the directories, Parrott's primary function appears to have been that of a building surveyor.(1) According to the trades section of Thom's directories,(2) he had a partner named McMahon in the early 1860s.

RIAI: balloted or passed for ballot as associate, 31 December 1864;(3) associate by 1867;(4) struck off, 7 December 1868.(5)

Addresses:(6) Ulster Chambers, 8-9 Dame Street, 1855-57; 72 Dame Street, 1863-1870; 24 Parliament Street, 1871-1877.
Home: 31 Philipsburgh Avenue, Fairview, 1863-1864; 29 Dolphin's Barn Lane, 1865-1876.



(1) In the RIAI archives there is a copy of the list of architects from the trades section of Thom's Directory for 1868 with proposed revisions for the 1869 edition, Parrott's name has been crossed out, and 'Building surveyor' written beside it; he is recorded as surveyor for the coastguard station at Wicklow in 1865.(DB 7, 1 Oct 1865, 238).
(2) Jones transcripts from Thom's directories.
(3) RIAI council meeting minutes, 31 Dec 1864, 26.
(4) RIAI lists of members for session 1867-8.
(5) RIAI council meeting minutes, 7 December 1868, 116.
(6) From Thom's and Post Office directories and Jones transcripts from Thom's directories.

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Date: 1869
Nature: New avenue opened with 20 houses completed.
Refs: IB 11, 1 Jun 1869, 135