Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Sculptor, for biography and works of whom see W.G. Strickland, A Dictionary of Irish Artists (1913), II, 215-7, and Paula Murphy, Nineteenth-Century Irish Sculpture:  Native Genius Reaffirmed  (Yale University Press: New Haven & London, 2010), 96-97. Panormo, who studied sculpture at the Royal Dublin Society's School of Modelling in the 1820s, became a pupil of WILLIAM BEHNES  WILLIAM BEHNES in London, and afterwards spent some years in London and Rome, before returning to Ireland in 1837. He succeeded JOHN SMYTH  JOHN SMYTH as Master of the School of Modelling in June 1840. He exhibited at the Royal Hibernian Academy between 1837 and 1849. He died in Dublin on 15 May 1852.

The only piece of architectural sculpture by Panormo to be recorded by Strickland is the statue of St Paul over the centre of the portico of St Paul's Church, Arran Quay, Dublin, the model for which he exhibited at the Royal Hibernian Academy in 1838. Strickland suggests that the statue was actually carried out by JOSEPH ROBINSON KIRK JOSEPH ROBINSON KIRK , who carved the flanking statues of St Peter and St Patrick.


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Date: 1838p
Nature: Statue of St Paul on apex of pediment. Model exh. RHA 1838, but Strickland thinks statue may actually have been executed by Kirk.
Refs: W.G. Strickland, A Dictionary of Irish Artists (1913), II, 216;  Christine Casey, The Buildings of Ireland: Dublin (2005), 242.