Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Measurer, of Dublin. Listed as such in Wilson's Dublin Directory for the years 1775-1786 and 1791 to 1806; the break in dates and fact that the designation changes from 'measurer' to 'inspector and measurer' from 1792 onwards could indicate that there were two measurers of this name. McGuire's addresses are given as Lower Castle Yard, 1775 and 1785-1786, Little Britain Street, 1776-1777, Glassmanogue (near Church Street), 1778 to 1783, Mount Lodge, Broadstone, 1791 to 1801 and Upper Exchange Street, 1802 to 1806.  A Daniel McGwire, of Dublin, converted to the established church in 1773.(1)


(1) Eileen O'Byrne & Anne Chamney, eds., The Convert Rolls (Irish Manuscripts Commission, 2005), 164.