Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Architect, of Charleston, South Carolina. McGrath was a native of Ireland but emigrated to the United States. By December 1797 he had established himself in Charleston, where he and a partner named Daniel McGiverin set up a drawing academy at 247 Meeting Street. Their advertisement in the City Gazette and Daily Advertiser offered the following, mainly architectural, subjects: 'Figure, Ornament, and Architect Drawing, Plain and Perspective; the Five Orders in Architecture, Ancient and Modern; Stairs on various plans, &c., …Grand Elevation and Section Plans. All Geometrical Problems in Architecture Solved and Demonstrated from Euclid's Elements'. McGrath went on to design several neo-Classical buildings in Charleston, including the former Charleston branch of the United States bank, which is now the City Hall.


All information in this entry is from a letter from Robert A. Leath, Assistant Curator, Historic Charleston Foundation, 51 Meeting Street, Charleston, South Carolina 29401, to David Griffin, IAA, 26 Aug 1995.