Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Bricklayer and mason, of Dublin, active from 1786 or earlier until 1806 or later. Alexander McCulloch carried out 'bricklayer's work' and 'mason work' for Dublin Corporation from February 1786 until 1803, and the last of several payments to him was ordered by the Corporation in October 1806.(1) He may have died soon afterwards, as there is no further mention of him in the Corporation minutes. He may be the same person as the Alexander J. McCullagh of 3 Drogheda Street, Dublin, who was Master of the Guild of Bricklayers in 1776,(2) and is presumably the Alexander McCulloch who was elected one of the two representatives of Guild of Bricklayers on the Common Council of Dublin Corporation between 1787 and 1805,(3) and who, by 1799, and perhaps much earlier, was living at 163 Abbey Street.(4)

As is usual with large families of Dublin tradesmen, it is impossible to establish identities and relationships from secondary sources only. Alexander McCulloch[1] may have been the father of DAVID MCCULLOCH DAVID MCCULLOCH , who is recorded as living at 163 Abbey Street from 1807 to 1809 in Wilson's Dublin Directory for those years, and perhaps the grandfather of ALEXANDER MCCULLOCH[2] ALEXANDER MCCULLOCH[2] . Six persons named McCulloch (variously spelled) were admitted Freemen of the City of Dublin as members of the Guild of Bricklayers by virtue of Birth in the last quarter of the eighteenth century and first quarter of the nineteenth:(5) David McCulloh (Midsummer, 1789), William J. McCulloh (Michaelmas, 1791),(6) Alexander McCulloh (Christmas, 1792), James McCulloh (Christmas, 1802), John McCulloh (Michaelmas, 1819)(7) and Alexander McCullough (Michaelmas, 1819). Another James McCulloh was admitted by virtue of Service at Michaelmas 1792. Other McCullochs were admitted as members of the Guild of Plasterers:(8) a Hugh McCulloh, was admitted Freeman by virtue of Birth at Michaelmas 1792 and a Thomas McCullogh admitted by virtue of Service at Michaelmas 1798.



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