Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Master joiner,(1) builder and architect, of Belfast.. 'James Harper, architect' advertised a house to let in Ann Street, in the Belfast News Letter in 1791(2) and houses to let in Donegall Street in the same paper in 1794.(3) He designed the Congregational Church in Donegall Street in 1804.(4) Two leases of ground he owned in Belfast, dated 1813, are in PRONI. PRONI. (5) He died on 31 December 1820 at the age of eighty and was buried, together with four sons, in the plot he had purchased in the new burying ground in Clifton Street. The marble plaque in the graveyard also records that the remains of his wife Elizabeth, who died in 1799 at the age of forty-one, 'moulders at the Knock'.(6)

Address: Mill Street, 1794.



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Date: 1804
Nature: New independent meeting house on land leased in 1803. Set 20 ft back from street with iron palisade. Builder: Thomas Price.
Refs: IB 75, 15 Jul 1933, 586; Marcus Patton, Central Belfast: an historical gazetteer (UAHS, 1993), 128