Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Engineer. Joseph Moynan was born on 1 July 1858. In his candidate's circular for election to the Institution of Civil Engineers in 1889, he writes that he studied at the Engineering School, Queen's University, Ireland, from 1876 to 1880; he may thus have been a student in either Cork, Galway or Belfast. On graduating Bachelor in Civil Engineering in 1880, he served his pupilage with JAMES PRICE  JAMES PRICE of Dublin from January 1881 to January 1882. During his pupilage he was engaged on the Lough Erne Drainage Scheme and the Galway Deep Dock. From August 1882 until June 1884 he worked on railways in the United States and Canada, then returned to Ireland to work under Price on light railways under the terms of the Light Railway Act. In August 1885 he was placed in charge of the survey department of the West Dublin Division of the Royal Engineers under Colonel Robert(?) Barton, a post which he held for a further year. He then spent a few months in private practice before emigrating in 1887 to Victoria, Australia. In December 1887 he received the degree of Bachelor in Civil Engineering from Melbourne University. In Australia he became chief engineer to Dundas Shire, Victoria. He appears to have remained in this post until at least 1907.(1) There is no indication that he ever returned to Ireland.

Inst.CE: elected associate member 4 March 1890; erased from roll between September 1897 and January 1898.
ICEI: elected member, 5 December 1888.(2)


All information in this entry is from the records of the Institution of Civil Engineers, kindly supplied by Mrs Carol Morgan, Archivist.

(1) He is still on the list of members of the ICEI for this year but no longer appears in the list for 1911.
(2) TICEI 20 (1888-1890), 2.