Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Cabinet maker, of Dublin, in business with his younger brother Anthony Morgan (1785-1841) as a cabinet maker and uphosterer at 21 Henry Street. Lewis Morgan, a son of Robert Morgan and Jane Hamilton, was born in Dublin in 1784. He became a Freeman of the City of Dublin as a member of the Guild of Joiners by virtue of birth at Michaelmas, 1805(1) and was elected one of the Guild's representatives on the Common Council of Dublin in 1808 and again in 1811.(2) As a resident of Dublin 'worth in real and personal estate in possession the sum of £2,000', he was one of the nominees for Sheriff of Dublin in 1811 and again in 1812, when he was duly elected.(3) He presented the Corporation with two balloting boxes in 1812.(4) In 1814 he and George Studdert, who had served as Sheriff with him, were appointed masters of the city works for the ensuing year.(5) He died in 1832, after which Anthony Morgan carried on the business until his own death in 1841.

Other persons of the surname Morgan who were elected Freemen of Dublin as members of the Joiners' Guild were Robert Morgan (Service, 1779), Anthony Morgan (Birth, 1807), Jeremiah Robert Morgan (Service, 1807), Robert Morgan (Birth, 1810), and William Isaac Morgan (Birth, 1810).


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