Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Architect, of Dublin and London. Most of the little information there is about this shadowy figure comes from the note that he wrote on 3 November 1924 proposing his son FRANCIS CHARLES MARTIN  FRANCIS CHARLES MARTIN as a student of the RIAI.(1) In this he stated that Francis Charles had assisted him in his practice in London(2) and Dublin for the past ten years. JOSEPH PARNELL MARTIN JOSEPH PARNELL MARTIN , who seconded the proposal, may have been another of his sons. Thomas Martin died in 1926.(3)

RIAI: elected member, 1923.(4)

Addresses: 23 Kildare Street, 1924; Temple Chambers, Eustace Street, Dublin, 1924.


(1) Transcript by Jones from RIAI archives.
(2) Who's Who in Architecture (1923) has a Thomas Martin, MSA, practising from 3 Staple Inn, Holborn.
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