Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Carpenter, builder and 'undertaker', of Dublin, who appears on a list of Dublin master carpenters and builders compiled in March 1834.(1) Peter Martin appears to have been responsible for the development of Queen's Square from circa 1840. He first appears in Wilson's Dublin Directory in 1820, where he is described as a carpenter with an address at 62 Cook Street. By 1824 'P. Martin, carpenter and undertaker' is listed 1 St Michael's Hill; he continues to be listed with this description and address until at least 1831. In Wilson's Dublin Directory for 1836 Peter Martin and Son, carpenters and builders, are listed at 100 Great Brunswick Street, but the Post Office Dublin Directory for 1839 reverts to listing 'P. Martin, carpenter and undertaker' at 1 Michael's Hill, while Pettigrew & Oulton's Dublin Almanac for 1841 describes him as 'carpenter, undertaker and ecclesiastical library'!

Martin's business seems in reality to have been expanding. In the Post Office Dublin Directory for 1844 he is again described as 'carpenter, builder, and undertaker' (having apparently abandoned the ecclesiastical library) with addresses at 98 Great Brunswick Street and Queen's Square in addition to 1 Michael's Hill, while in the edition for 1853 he is described as 'builder, and proprietor of Queen's Square'. By 1857 he had moved to 24 Queen's Square and was simply designated 'builder'. Thom's directory for 1863 lists only a Mrs Maria Martin at the latter address, which probably indicates that Peter Martin had died. Peter Martin was presumably the father or other near relation of M.B. MARTIN. MARTIN.

Aged and Infirm Carpenters' Asylum:  patron, 1835.(2)


(1) Royal Irish Academy, Haliday MS 4B 31;  this manuscript is a copy of a report presented to Daniel O'Connell in 1834 to support the argument for repealing the Act of Union by describing the catastrophic impact the Act had had on the tradesmen of Dublin.
(2) Freeman's Journal, 23 Nov 1835.

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Date: 1840p
Nature: PM described in 1857 as 'builder, and proprietor of Queen's square'
Refs: See Post Office Directory (1857), 332

Date: 1843
Nature: New hall adjoining Corn Exchange for the Loyal National Repeal Association. Designed and built by PM. Inaugurated Oct 1843. (Converted into Grand Lyric Hall, q.v., 1896-7.)
Refs: Tuam Herald, 28 Oct 1843;  Henry Fulton, 'Observations on Architects and Architecture. No. 4', Civil Engineer and Architect's Journal 6 (Jan 1844), 451-2(illus.) (see also letter from 'G.D.' in Vol. 7 (20 Jan 1844), 26-27).