Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Carpenter and architect, active in Armagh from 1775 or earlier until at least the early 1780s. In 1775 he sent a drawing of the doorcase of the Primate's Palace to Henry Maxwell, Bishop of Meath at Ardbraccan,(1) and in the following year he is recorded as finishing the building of the south wing of Armagh Infirmary with JOHN HARVEY. JOHN HARVEY. (2) He is presumably the 'Mr Louch' of Armagh who in 1780 agreed to supply timber for the Earl Bishop of Derry's proposed improvements at Downhill(3) ande is known to have been working at Downhill in the early 1780s.(4) See also RICHARD LOUCH[1] RICHARD LOUCH[1] , who may have been the same person,(5) and RICHARD LUCIUS LOUCH[1]. RICHARD LUCIUS LOUCH[1].



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