Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Carpenter and builder, of Dublin, active in the 1820s and 1830s. George Langstaff was admitted to the Royal Dublin Society's School of Drawing in Architecture on 12 June 1823.(1) He first appears in Wilson's Dublin Directory in 1825 - and until 1829 - as 'Langstaff, G. & Co.', with an address at 6 Wellington Quay. The 'Co' may be a misprint for 'C', as 'Langstaff, George & Charles' are listed at the same address from 1830 to 1834 and at 29 Wellington Quay and Cecilia Street from 1835 until 1837, when the trade designation changes to 'builders and timber stores'.(2) In the Post Office Directory for 1839 and 1844 only C.J. Langstaff is named, suggesting that George had died by this time.

The Langstaffs were a family of joiners and carpenters. Joseph Langstaff became a freeman of Dublin at Midsummer 1783 as a member of the Corporation of Joiners and by virtue of service. Three further members were admitted as members of the Guild of Carpenters, all by virtue of birth: John Langstaff at Midsummer 1786, William Langstaff at Michaelmas 1789, and Usher Langstaff at Michaelmas 1807.(3) A Joseph Longstaff was awarded a prize by the Dublin Society's School of Drawing in Architecture on 26 May 1774 for being of the four best 'answerers', and a William Longstaff was admitted to the School on 7 November 1782.(4) Another Joseph Langstaff is listed in Wilson's Dublin Directory as a measurer, with an address at 7 Essex Quay from 1809 until 1819 and at 6 Essex Quay from 1820 until 1823.


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(2) The directory entries suggest that there may have been a Charles Langstaff and a Charles J. Langstaff. The Charles L. Langstaff who also appears is presumably a misprint for the latter.
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