Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

English architect, for biography and works of whom, see Howard Colvin, A Biographical dictionary of British architects 1600-1840 (4th edn., 2008), 626-7.   David Laing published a plan and elevation 'of a Mansion, designed for a Nobleman, and intended to be built…in the County of Kildare in Ireland, on the Banks of the Liffey' (probably an unexecuted scheme for Lyons, Co. Kildare) in his Hints for Dwellings (1800), Plates 29 and 30, and his design for Castle Taylor at Ardrahan, Co. Galway, for General Sir J. Taylor in his Plans etc. of Buildings, Public and Private, executed in various parts of England (1818), Plate 47. 'David Laing, Dublin' was a subscriber to the first volume of the Transactions of the Ins
titution of Civil Engineers (1836).

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Date: 1800
Nature: Proposed design for new house, probably Lyons, for 'a nobleman', probably 2nd Baron Cloncurry, who was a subscriber to Laing's Hints for Dwellings;  '...a neo-classical version of the "Villa Rotonda"' (Colvin).
Refs: Plan and elvation of house for a nobleman 'intended to be built' on the banks of the Liffey in Co. Kildare published in Hints for Dwellings (1800), pls. 29,30;  Howard Colvin, A Biographical dictionary of British architects 1600-1840 (4th edn., 2008), 626n.

Date: 1800ca
Nature: 'Ground Floor and Chamber Floor Plans of a Design for a Villa, to be erected for a Gentleman at Ballymahon, near Mullingar, in Ireland'.
Refs: David Laing, Hints for Dwellings (1800), 11-12, Pls.11 & 12

Date: 1818a
Nature: For General Sir John Taylor.
Refs: Design for house 'erected' for Taylor published in Plans etc. of Buildings…executed in various parts of England (1818), pl. 47 (and also in Appeal to the Honourable the Commissioners of H.M.Customs (1830)?)