Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Architect, of 2 Charlemont Street, Dublin, listed as such in Wilson's Dublin Directory for 1835.   James Kinchela also seems to have been a carpenter and builder, if, as seems likely, he can be identified with the James Kinchela  of 2 Charlemont Mall[sic] who certified a report on the carpenters and builders of Dublin which was compiled in March 1834 with the additional statement that he had been in the business for forty years.(1)  He may therefore possibly be the James Kinchela who inscribed a copy of the Dublin edition of Batty Langley's Builder's Jewel (1768) which is in the Irish Architectural Archive(2) as follows: 'James Kinchla his Book Got it the 23 Day of December 1781 - Dublin'.  The immature handwriting and the verses inside the front cover  ('As I am both fat and fair, I hope to be may fathers Air') suggest that writer was still very young.  

There seem to have been several Kinchelas  - the name is spelt with many variants - connected with the building trades in Dublin in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. . A James Kinselagh was awarded premiums by Dublin Society in 1802 and 1803 and a John Kinshelagh in 1801.(3) Another John Kinshela was admitted to the Society's School of Drawing in Architecture on 1 April 1830.;(4)  he is perhaps the same person as the J. Kinchela who had been appointed a drawing clerk in the Architect's Office at the Board of Works on 24 October 1832.(5)


(1) Royal Irish Academy, Haliday MS 4B 31; this manuscript is a copy of a report presented to Daniel O'Connell in 1834 to support the argument for repealing the Act of Union by describing the catastrophic impact the Act had had on the tradesmen of Dublin. 
(2) Acc. 2003/97.
(3) MS. transcript from Royal Dublin Society minutes of School of Architectural Drawing admissions and prizewinners (in IAA) lists James and John as being awarded premiums by the School of Drawing in Architecture, but Gitta Willemson, The Dublin Society Drawing Schools 1746-1876 (2000), 56, lists them as individual prizewinners.
(4) MS. transcript from Royal Dublin Society minutes, as above.
(5) NA/PRO, Board of Works minutes, 24 Oct 1832 (IAA, Edward McParland files, Acc. 2008/44); NA/SPO. CSORP 1832/4695 contains reference to permission being sought in 1832 for the appointment of Pat Kinchela as clerk in the Board of Works Architect's Office to draw plans in the architect's absence (IAA, Edward McParland files, Acc. 2008/44).