Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Builder and architect, of Cork. Nicholas Kearns died suddenly at his house in St Finbarr's parish, Cork, on 1 October 1794, and was buried three days later.(1)   In reporting his death the Cork Gazette of 4 October 1794 describes him as 'Nicholas Kearns, senior, architect', while the Hibernian Chrionicle of 2 October 1794 describes him as 'Nicholas Kearns, senior, builder'.(2)

There were several persons of this name associated with the building trades in Cork.  Nicholas Kerns[sic], mason, married Ann Neale at St Finbarre's cathedral, Cork, on 7 August 1764,(3)  and another mason named Nicholas Kearns married Sarah Vass in the same church on 16 August 1789.(4) The latter was probably the Nicholas Kearns, mason, who repaved Main Street, Cork, in 1794.(5)   Nicholas Kearns, builder, is listed in West's Cork Directory for 1810, Nicholas Kearns, architect and sworn measurer, in Connor's Cork Directory for 1812 (though not in that for 1817), Nicholas Kearns, builder, in Connor's Cork Directory for 1828,(6) and Nicholas William Kearns, architect and builder, in Slater's National Commercial Directory of Ireland (1846).


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