Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Measurer and author of a handbook on measuring, of Dublin. Philip Levi Hodgson was the son and partner of DANIEL HODGSON DANIEL HODGSON . Although he appears in Wilson's Dublin Directory at the same addresses as his father from 1760 onwards, the second edition of his book on measuring was 'sold by Mr Daniel Hodgson, measurer, in George's Street, near George's Quay; and by the Author, at Captain Desbrisay's Office on Cork Hill'.(1) Philip Levi Hodgson was admitted to the Guild of Merchants in 1768, announcing this fact and the removal of his business to premises on City Quay in Faulkner's Dublin Journal for 30 July-2August 1768. It seems that Daniel Hodgson retired from the business around 1770, as his name disappears from Wilson's Dublin Directory after 1771. On the evidence of the directories Philip Levi Hodgson took his son as a partner circa 1785. At the same time the designation of his business changes from 'timber measurer' to 'measurer': Philip Levi Hodgson & Son, measurers, are listed from 1786 until 1800, P.L. Hodgson & Son from 1802-1806. From 1807 until 1815 only P.L. Hodgson is listed.

Philip Levi Hodgson was the author of a textbook on measuring which became a standard work and ran into many editions. The second edition appeared in 1763, the third in 1767, the tenth in 1801.(1)

Addresses (see under DANIEL HODGSON  DANIEL HODGSON for the years 1760-1768): City Quay, 1768-1771; Poolbeg Street, 1772-75; 5 Poolbeg Street, 1777-1782; 25 Poolbeg Street, 1785; 83 Townsend Street, 1786-90; 79 South Townsend Street, 1791-92; 5 Mark Street, 1793-1800; 51 Meath Street, 1801-4; 70 Meath Street, 1805-6; 16 Lower Combe, 1807-10; 14 Bride Street, 1811-15.


All information in this entry unless otherwise stated is from Wilson's Dublin Directory and Eileen Harris, British Architectural Books and Writers 1556-1785, (Cambridge University Press, 1990, 236-7.

(1) Faulkner's Dublin Journal, 11-15 Aug 1767; another edition was advertised in Faulkner's Dublin Journal, 28 June-1 July 1777. For the editions of 1763(2nd), 1774(4th), 1779(7th), 1793(9th) and 1801(10th), see Harris, loc. cit., above.

Author Title Date Details
Hodgson, Philip Levi A New Set of Tables of Solid and Superficial Measure &c. 1763 2nd edition. Dublin: S. Powell, 1763. (3rd edition, Dublin, 1768.)
Hodgson, Philip Levi A Set of Tables of Solid and Superficial Measure &c. 1774 4th edition. Dublin: T. Ewing, 1774. (Book previously entitled A New Set of Tables; 5th or 6th edition, Dublin, 1777.)
Hodgson, Philip Levi The Complete Measurer &c. 1779 7th edition. Dublin: R. Marchbank for J. Beatty, 1779. (Book previously entitled A New Set of Tables.)
Hodgson, Philip Levi The Modern Measurer 1793 9th edition. Dublin: John Parker, 1793. (Book previously entitled A New Set of Tables of Solid and Superficial Measure; 10th edition, Dublin: Alex. Stewart, 1801.)