Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Architectural partnership, of 28 South Mall, Cork, formed between WILLIAM HENRY HILL[2]  WILLIAM HENRY HILL[2] and HUGH WILLIAM FLANAGIN  HUGH WILLIAM FLANAGIN in 1919.(1) The partnership lasted until at least 1922(2) but had probably come to an end by 1924.(3) Its major undertaking during this period was the design of the Wycherley housing estate off College Road, Cork. By 1926 Flanagin was living in England. For the purposes of this database all works of W.H. Hill & Son and W.H. Hill, Son, & Flanagin are listed under WILLIAM HENRY HILL[2]. WILLIAM HENRY HILL[2].


(1) IB 61, 30 Aug 1919, 325.
(2) IB 64, 17 Jun 1922, 430.
(3) Flanagin gives his home address rather than the office address in the RIAI list of members for that year.