Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Henry Buck was district engineer to the Commissioners for the Improvement of the Navigation of the River Shannon from 1841(1) or earlier until 1846 or later.(2) He was living in Co. Limerick in the summer of 1840 when his maid appeared at the Limerick quarter sessions and was sentenced to seven years' transportation for having stolen various objects from his house.(3) He is neverthelesss listed in the New Triennial Directory for the years 1840, 1841 & 1842 at an address in Victoria Terrace, Dublin.(4) Listed as a civil engineer, he was living at 3 Haddington Road, Dublin, from 1853 or earlier, at 9 Haddington Road in 1863 and at 36 Haddington Road from 1869 or earlier until 1875 or later. A first cousin of Sir Richard Griffith, Buck also worked on the Commission of Valuation of Ireland.(5)


Biographical information (dates and connection with Griffith) kindly supplied by Christine Buck, a descendant of Henry, by email, January 2021.

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