Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Carpenter, of Beresford Street, Dublin. James Heiton, who may have come from Scotland, was admitted a Freeman of the City of Dublin by Grace Especial as a member of the Guild of Carpenters at Michaelmas 1792.(1) He appears in Wilson's Dublin Directory from 1798 or earlier. Initially he is described simply as 'carpenter', subsequently as 'carpenter and undertaker'. He disappears from the trades directories after 1826;  according to his fellow tradesmen, writing in March 1834, he had been very successful, employing twenty men, and retired wealthy.(3)  His will was proved in 1835; in it he names his former apprentice GILBERT COCKBURN  GILBERT COCKBURN as his executor.(2) He is said to have been the uncle of ANDREW HEITON. ANDREW HEITON. (4)

James Heiton was a subscriber to William Stitt's The Practical Architect's Ready Assistant; or Builder's Complete Companion (Dublin, 1819).

Addresses:(5) 6 Beresford Street, <=1798-1815; 7 Beresford Street, 1816-1826.


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