Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Builder, carpenter and architect, apparently based at Blessington, Co. Wicklow.(1) John Hartwell may be the person of the same name who was admitted to the Dublin Society's School of Drawing in Architecture on 17 July 1766.(2) During the 1780s he was employed as a carpenter on work for Archbishop Fowler at his residences at St Sepulchre's, Dublin, and Tallaght.(3) In about 1796 he was awarded a premium of twenty guineas for his design for the reconstruction of St Andrew's Church, Dublin, carried out between circa 1796 and 1807.(4) He was also responsible for carpentry work in the church.(5) He may have died during the course of the work, for the church was completed by FRANCIS JOHNSTON. FRANCIS JOHNSTON. (6)

Hartwell may also have been a builder-developer, as Bryan Bolger records measuring 'brickwork for Messrs Smith and Hartwell at their new buildings[houses] in Baggot Street' in 1790,(7) while Casey names 'Waldridge[sic] & Hartwell as the principal developers of the east end of Baggot Street a little later in the same decade.(8) According to the recollections of his fellow tradesmen in 1834, he was 'in very extensive business' , employing thirty men, and died wealthy.(9)  He subscribed to George Richardson's A Book of Ceilings (1774-6), J.C. Murphy's Plan, elevations, sections and views of the church of Batalha (1795), and James Lewis's Original designs in Architecture (1797).(10)



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Date: 1795-97
Nature: JH awarded premium of £20 for his plan for reconstruction of church following its destruction on 8 Jan 1860. Builder: William Pemberton. (JH resigned in 1800 and work was completed by Francis Johnston.)
Refs: Bolger MSS NA/PRO 1A 58 126,127,128;  Irish Ecclesiastical Gazette 2, no. 7 (15 Jan 1860), 145-6;  DB 2, 1 Feb 1860, 195, quoted in APSD, IV, H, 27-8; H.A. Wheeler and M. Craig, Dublin City Churches (1948), 9.