Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Engineer, of Belfast. Thomas Gilbert was born in Co. Antrim on 6 June 1869. He entered Queen's College, Belfast, in 1887, and attended the Engineering Classes under Professor MAURICE FITZGERALD  MAURICE FITZGERALD between 1889 and 1892. He obtained the degree of B.E. from the Royal University of Ireland in 1892. In the latter months of 1892 he worked on the Belfast Mourne Water Scheme under L.L. MACASSEY MACASSEY . Early in 1893 he worked as an assistant on the new reservoir for Belfast at Leathemstown and was also engaged on 'various County works' for PETER CHALMERS COWAN PETER CHALMERS COWAN , county surveyor for Co. Down. In May 1893 Gilbert became an assistant to GEORGE FREDERICK LEE GILES  GEORGE FREDERICK LEE GILES in the Belfast Harbour Engineering Department. He remained with the Department for the rest of his career. Between 1900 and 1903 he was resident engineer on the Musgrave Channel Works, and was subsequently resident engineer on the new Graving Dock. He was promoted to the position of chief engineer on the retirement of WILLIAM REDFERN KELLY  WILLIAM REDFERN KELLY in 1914.(1) By the end of 1931 his role had changed to that of the Board's consulting engineer(2) - W.Y. Chamberlain succeeding him as chief engineer - a position which he held until at least 1934(3) and presumably until his death on 19 February 1935.   According to his 1911 census return, he had married his wife Bethia Adelaide circa 1897 and had three sons and two daughters.

ICE: student member, 11 January 1892; associate member 5 February 1895; transferred to membership 6 April 1909.

Addresses: Work: Harbour Office, Belfast, 1909 until death.
Home: 16 Brookvale Avenue, Antrim Rd, Belfast, 1894; Innishowen, 1 Deramore Drive, Belfast, <=1909->=1911.



All information in this entry not otherwise accounted for is from the records of the Institution of Civil Engineers (candidate's circulars submitted prior to election and transfer, &c.) transmitted by Mrs Carol Morgan, 7 Oct 1996.

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