Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Architect and antiquarian, of Youghal, Co. Cork. Edward Fitzgerald was born in 1820 at Youghal, Co. Cork, where he spent his entire career in practice as an architect.(1) He is described in his obituary as being 'a thorough master of ecclesiastical architecture', who 'designed many church buildings that now adorn the diocese of Cork', but these buildings are not identified. In 1856 he sent a communication criticising the restoration of Cloyne Cathedral to the Kilkenny Archaeological Society, 'the facts stated in which excited the surprise and indignation of the meeting'.(2) He himself was largely responsible for the restoration of St Mary's Church, Youghal.

Fitzgerald is better remembered as an antiquarian than as an architect. He delivered many lectures on antiquarian topics, some of which were gathered together in two books, Antiquarian Rambles on the South Coast (1852) and Vestiges and Relics of Remarkable Irishmen in the Vicinity of Youghal of the Primeval or Pagan Period (1858). He contributed various papers to the Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland.

Fitzgerald died on 25 March 1893 at his home in Youghal. He was survived by his widow, formerly a Miss Garde, of Bilbery, Midleton, two daughters and two sons, one of whom, LAURENCE MCO'BOY FITZGERALD LAURENCE MCO'BOY FITZGERALD , was architect to the Duke of Devonshire at Lismore, Co.Waterford.

RSAI: member by 1856.(3)

Address: Nelson Terrace, Youghal, 1858(4) until death.



All information in this entry not otherwise accounted for is from the biography of Fitzgerald in Journal of the Cork Archaeological Society 5 (1899), 137-140, which is illustrated with a portrait photograph.

(1) Among the Lismore Castle papers there is a design by 'E. Fitzgerald' of Youghal, dated October 1838, for a pair of 3-bay, 3-storey houses 'to be erected at Youghal for Samuel Green, Esq.' Is this a precocious work by this Edward Fitzgerald, or was there another E. Fitzgerald practising as an architect in Youghal in the 1830s?
(2) B 14, 29 Mar 1856, 180.
(3) See note 1, above.
(4) RSAI list of members, 1858.

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Date: 1862
Nature: 'new villas of architectural character, the most important of which are over the railway'. For Mr Sippi.
Refs: DB 4, 1 Feb 1862, 33

Date: 1862
Nature: New presbytery being erected to plans by EF. (Did he also design church and schools?)
Refs: DB 4, 1 Feb 1862, 33

Date: 1865
Nature: Addition of cut stone front and spire to church of 1796. (Spire removed on grounds of safety c.1925.)
Refs: H. W. Wain, History of Youghal (1965), 63

Date: ?
Nature: EF 'contributed very largely' to restoration and was responsible for revealing the old oak roof.
Refs: Journal of the Cork Archaeological Society 5 (1899), 137-138

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