Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Carpenter, of High Street, Dublin. James Fawcett was one of the eight freemen of the City of Dublin 'worth in real and personal estate in possession the sum of £2,000, sterling, over and above all their just debts' who were nominated as candidates for the position of sherriff on 16 April 1790, but he was not selected.(1) In 1796 he was one of the representatives of the Guild of Carpenters on the Common Council of the City of Dublin.(2) Four other Fawcetts were elected freemen of the City of Dublin between 1790 and 1802. They were all members of the Guild of Carpenters and were all admitted by right of birth (i.e. as the eldest surviving son of a freeman). They were William L. Fawcett, admitted Easter 1790, Rowland Fawcett, admitted Christmas 1792,(3) David K. Fawcett, admitted Michaelmas 1795, and James Fawcett, admitted Easter 1802.(4) See also - FORSETT. FORSETT.


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