Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Three slaters named Elliott, who may well have been members of the same family, were employed by Dublin Corporation and Trinity College, Dublin between 1763 and 1814. In 1763 a Gilbert Elliott contracted with the Corporation to keep the Mayoralty House, Tholsel and other buildings belonging to the city 'staunch, dry, and in repair' for twenty-one years for the sum of £23 per annum.(1) He may have died before the 21 years were up, for it is a James Elliott who in 1777 submitted a bill for slating work to the Corporation.(2) The Daniel Elliott, who became a freeman of the City of Dublin as a member of the Guild of Carpenters and as the eldest surviving son of a freeman,(3) is presumably the same person as the Daniel C. Elliott who was doing slating work for the corporation between 1810 and 1814(4) and as the Daniel Elliott, 'slator and slate-merchant' who was listed in Wilson's Dublin Directory at 41 Beresford Street from at least 1814 until 1815. A Gilbert Elliott was one of the tradesmen who in 1801 signed a memorial recommending that BRYAN BOLGER  BRYAN BOLGER be appointed measurer to the Board of Works in the place of JOHN BEHAN JOHN BEHAN (5) and in Wilson's Dublin Directory for 1806 a slater named Gilbert Elliott is listed at 41 Beresford Street; the address suggests that he may have been the father of Daniel Elliott. It is also possible that he was the Gilbert Elliott who was admitted to the Dublin Society's School of Drawing in Architecture in 1769.(6) In the same 1806 directory a James Elliott, slater and slate merchant, is listed at 155 Church Street.


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