Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Draughtsman and stained glass designer with the church decorators EARLEY & POWELL  EARLEY & POWELL of Dublin. John Farrington Earley, the younger brother of THOMAS EARLEY THOMAS EARLEY , was born in Birmingham in 1831 and like his brother worked for the church decorating firm JOHN HARDMAN & SONS JOHN HARDMAN & SONS , which was closely connected with the architect AUGUSTUS WELBY PUGIN AUGUSTUS WELBY PUGIN . While he is listed in a Birmingham directory for 1856 as a draughtsman living at 39 Carver Street and was exhibiting with the Birmingham Society of Artists in 1859 and 1860, it appears that by 1862 he was working at Hardmans' Dublin branch. He does not appear in the English census of 1861.

Earley died on 1 September 1873 when he was only forty-one and was buried in Glasnevin Cemetery.(1) In 1853 he had married Elizabeth Bishop, by whom he had seven or eight children, the eldest of whom was JOHN BISHOP EARLEY  JOHN BISHOP EARLEY and the youngest WILLIAM EARLEY.  WILLIAM EARLEY.

Addresses: 39 Carver St, Birmingham, 1856; Icknield, Port Rd, Birmingham, 1860; 3 Richmond Hill, Rathmines, at time of death.(2)


All information in this entry not otherwise accounted for is taken from notes supplied by Nicola Gordon-Bowe, 22 Nov 1995, based on information from Michael Earley, consultant plastic surgeon at the Mater Hospital, Dublin.

(1) Glasnevin cemetery records.
(2) See note 1, above.